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Consumers benefit from ASE's certification program since it takes much of the guess-work out of finding a competent technician.

Perhaps years ago, any shady mechanic would do; after all, cars were simpler, less complex. But with today's high tech vehicles, the margin for error is less. Mistakes can be costlier. It makes good financial sense to protect your automotive investment through regular periodic maintenance and service performed by certified professionals.

Because ASE's program is voluntary, technicians who have taken the time and expense to earn ASE certification can be counted on to have a strong sense of pride in accomplishment, which should be good news for consumers.

Moreover, prior to taking ASE exams, many technicians attend training or study after work. The time they spend sharpening their skills should be advantageous to consumers as well.

Twice a year at some 800 national locations, thousands of technicians take ASE certification exams. The exams are administered by American College Testing (ACT).

Designed by representatives from the automotive service and repair industry, vocational educators, and ASE's own in-house technical specialists, the exams stress real-world diagnostic and repair problems, not theory. The exams are no cinch to pass; one out of three test takers fails.

Mechanics who pass at least one exam and fulfill the work experience requirement earn the title of ASE-certified Automobile Technician, while those who pass all eight auto exams earn Master Auto Technician status. All ASE technicians are issued personalized credentials listing their exact areas of certification and an appropriate shoulder insignia.

Technicians must recertify every five years in order to keep current with changing technology and to remain ASE certified.

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